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A loved one’s run-in with a Montana mosquito and the quick relief from the itch, pain and swelling of the bite that a homemade remedy provided, along with the encouragement of family and friends, sparked the launch of SkeeterSkrub. I combined the native Hawaiian healing traditions of my family with natural ingredients from my adopted home state of Montana, and SkeeterSkrub was born. 


The pain, itch, and swelling of bug bites have always been an unwelcome side effect of outdoor adventures. I developed SkeeterSkrub so that my family and I could enjoy being outside without having to endure days of itch and pain from bug bites. SkeeterSkrub uses all natural, non-toxic ingredients and is very effective at removing the itch, reducing the swelling, and speeding the healing of insect bites and other skin irritations. Try our Original formula or our Gentle formula for babies and others with sensitive skin. 


From my family to yours, “Organic relief when you're being bugged.” - Margaret Wright, Founder & CEO